Guitar Wing takes flight!

February 27, 2014

Wing SmallThe Guitar Wing Kickstarter campaign finished successfully, concluding on Friday Feb. 21 and raising far more than the original funding goal. Having met the critical threshold of early supporters needed to make this controller come to life, Guitar Wing production is set to begin within the next several weeks. 

The new has been launched and is your future destination for all things Guitar Wing. Currently, anyone who missed out on this campaign will be able to pre-order through the Livid Shop. The first production run is expected to be delivered in May 2014.

Guitar Wing Website

If you’ve missed any of the Guitar Wing videos, you may want to check out the Livid TV YouTube channel:

Here are a few highlights:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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Livid Controller Series: Guitar Wing

February 14, 2014

Guitar Wing is an expressive control surface for guitar and bass players, letting you control the functions of software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, even lighting and visual platforms, right from your instrument.

Our very own product specialist KC started to explore using the Guitar Wing as a controller in Live 9. In his first tutorial he shows you three simple things you can do with Guitar Wing. Watch him in the studio as he creates some infectious dub reggae tracks and explains his approach to using Guitar Wing.

YouTube Preview Image

In this second controller series video, KC explores more uses for Guitar Wing with bass and guitar in different DAWs  and VSTs. Watch and listen as he walks you through triggering loops, using stomp box effects, and setting up your working environment in different DAWs.

YouTube Preview Image

Go to for more information.



Shotgun Vinyl

February 6, 2014

Livid Sample Pack: Shotgun Vinyl - samples from random records.Vinyl: The shiny disc that started a revolution! First, it let people hear music in their homes. Then it let teenagers drown out the world around them. Eventually, the recordings themselves became the raw material for a new kind of music. Now seemingly only appreciated by 40 year-olds nostalgic for their youth (I’m over 40, I can say these things), the Long Playing record has provided a wealth of sound opportunity for today’s music and an endless discussion about pointless matters. While crate diggers have mined the bins of all the obscure breaks and legendary grooves, there’s no lack of good sonic material for the resourceful cut-and-paster.

As the title of this set implies, these samples are sourced from an extremely random cross section of my vinyl collection. There is no theme or organizing principle to my selections – I was simply looking for some good strings, hits, snare, bass, spoken word, and whatever else I happened to come across. It is highly unlikely that any of these records are in print or even desired anymore, as I tend to dig through the dollar section, often buying by cover art rather than artist.

The Ableton Live Pack is a 32-pad drum rack with with nine sample clips to provide inspiration and/or demonstration. All samples are incredibly short to emphasize sound, rather than original artistry. Nothing is mixed or eq’ed – everything is raw and rough, waiting for your own spit and polish. For example the dry funk kick drum has quite a bit of distortion from the vinyl and a ghost of a high hat that some might want to clean up. I rather like the rhythm it imposes on the clips, so I work with it. If you dig deeper into the samples, you’ll see several of them are clipped in Simpler, so if you want more from the file, it’s there. As a bonus, the zip of WAV files has a few more files that aren’t used in the set.

Some pads contain some instrument racks.
Velocity Toms pad is velocity-split, with the harder velocity tuning down the sample a few semi-tones.
Horns Hits pad is also velocity-split for 3 different samples of the horn’s harmonies.
Russian Vocab pad has a velocity randomizer in the chain, and the chain is split by velocity, meaning that every time that pad is triggered, the resulting word is a random Russian word.
Several of the samples have sustain loops that provide unusual rhythms to give the tracks a unique feel.
Don’t believe me? Take a listen to the demo track on our Soundcloud page:

Download the Ableton Live Pack here. or Raw WAV files here.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Introducing: The Guitar Wing

February 3, 2014

wood-edition1214 years ago I created my first real MIDI controller the Viditar. I spent the next five years playing that instrument in my band Sinch and refining my controller designs. In 2003 I started Livid with the goal to take my work with the Viditar and define the controller as an instrument in the market. Many of our first instruments were based on a MIDI controller in a guitar, but the music market wasn’t quite right for this kind of technology. 10 years later we have iPad apps for every kind of musician, Guitar Rig, Ableton Live, and electronic music has made it into almost every genre of music. Using new instruments for creating music has been the driving force behind the electronic music renaissance, but new concepts for the guitar have been few and far between.

Enter 2013. We were working on a new wireless MIDI controller when Jay Smith and Moldover were talking about their history of working together and collaborating on a new product, and the Guitar Wing was born.

YouTube Preview Image

The Guitar Wing  is an expressive control surface that gives guitar and bass players wireless control over the functions of their favorite software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, and even lighting and visual platforms.


“I am extremely excited about the Livid Guitar Wing. Guitarists have been, until now, highly marginalized, when it comes to MIDI controllers and tools that are otherwise widely available to keyboardists, drummers and singers. What an amazing solution!” -Shaunna Hall (Guitarist – George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic  / 4 Non Blondes)

While this concept has been in our minds and our work for the past decade, it’s totally new for the guitar market in general, so we decided to launch it on Kickstarter in order to reach as many people as possible. The response from the music community has been incredible and we can’t wait to see what people do with it.

To learn more about the Guitar Wing and our Kickstarter campaign,


GUITAR! Remix Moldover.

January 23, 2014

moldoversmallIf you’ve picked up your favorite blog this morning, you may have noticed that we launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new product release, Guitar Wing. We’ve wanted to design a tool like this for a long time, and the stars have finally aligned for us to build a prototype and see the concept take flight.

One of those stars is Moldover. If you don’t know who he is, you should. He’s a prototype for a new breed of musician: rather than moan about how the internet ruined music, he’s been re-inventing how a musician distributes music and makes a living. From his custom controllers combined with live guitar and singing for solo shows, to albums that you can play, to a super-successful Kickstarter campaign for his most recent release Four-Track, to his crazy jam-boxes for parties, Moldover is hacking his way though the 21st century music scene. When we first decided to go forward with the Guitar Wing, we tapped Moldover’s previous experience in combining a controller with a guitar, his custom-designed Robocaster, where he’s helped us with layout, control suggestions, demos and presets for software.

Because we’re greedy, we asked for some samples to package up for our weekly sound sets to celebrate our collaboration. He already provides a full set of stems as an extra feature for the deluxe version of Four Track, so he gave me a selection that I chopped up into a fun DrumRack for my Base. I created percussive hits, lots of textures, and several rhythmic loops, all ideal for finger drumming. You can break out the samples into clips for warping, of course, if you want to tighten things up!

In the spirit of its source, however, this set is setup for playing, so there’s no sample MIDI clips. I did a quick run-through on my Base so you get an idea of how to combine the sounds, and hear the different textures in this super-cool pack. Take a listen on soundcloud:

Download the Ableton Live Pack here. or Raw WAV files here.

Creative Commons License

Learn more about Moldover at his website