LividStep – Step sequence device for Max For Live

December 3, 2009

Possibly the third most important release of the year for audio and video (frankly, you’ll have to kill me to cede spots one and two for the Ohm64 and block: we work too damn hard on these to give those spaces up on our blog!) is Max For Live.
Max For Live extends the already insanely deep audio environment of Ableton Live with a (somewhat) easy-to-use programming language for making your own music, sound, and even video, plugins. Our first project for M4L integrates our block and Ohm64 controllers into Ableton Live with LiveStep.
LiveStep is an extremely rich (as in “dessert”, not “money” – this download is free) step sequencer. WIth control of up to eight sequences, each sequence can be modified with a huge variety of hands-on control. You can even play synths and drum machines on top of the sequenced insanity, and record loops of improvised melodies to play back.
You can download the devices, some sample Live sets, and of course, a bit of documentation from our downloads page.
Words fail me on the sheer joy of this device, so here’s some videos that will explain all the features. (I apologize in advance to your ears for the horrid “music” of Part 2 – I just had to crank out that extra video and release this sucker, and I wanted it extra apparent what is happening.):