Cell DNA’s Max for Live Devices

March 28, 2011
We’ve seen a lot of iterations with mixing realtime audio and visuals in the past ten years. Our controllers for one are built as generic  ”instruments” for media mixing, and there are many different uses from Live to Resolume. The marriage of visualist and musician in one software package (or one person) hasn’t really materialized on a large scale yet. Up to this point our own VJ software Cell and Cell DNA work well with our controllers and Live, but we wanted to take it a step further and make them work well in Live.
We’ve built a suite of Max for Live devices to go between Ableton Live and CellDNA video software that can expand your musical ideas into the visual realm. CellDNA VJ software is incredibly easy to use, with a big grid of 64 clips (with 32 presets, that means over 2000 clips to play with!), dozens of OpenGL effects, live camera input, live video sampling, recording, and is even extensible with Max 5 patches. With these devices you can totally control your visuals within Live, and let your music completely control the visuals.

With Livid CellDNA and our Max For Live devices, you can turn Ableton Live into your own automatic VJ. 

  • Use your controller in Live to trigger video and effect
  • Link audio clips to video clips
  • Use MIDI clips to sequence videos
  • Use audio from your tracks to play clips and control visual effects.
  • Collaborate with your VJ over a network
  • Control multiple computers for multiple screens.
Cell DNA’s Max for Live devices are free and can be downloaded from the downloads section of lividinstruments.com. If you don’t already own CellDNA, you can install and try the demo on your computer. If you are ready to dive in and learn all about it, take a look at the extensive tutorial on our vimeo page.
We’re also offering a special right now on CellDNA to celebrate this release – use the coupon “maxfordna” when checking out from our online store.