Guitar Wing takes flight!

February 27, 2014

Wing SmallThe Guitar Wing Kickstarter campaign finished successfully, concluding on Friday Feb. 21 and raising far more than the original funding goal. Having met the critical threshold of early supporters needed to make this controller come to life, Guitar Wing production is set to begin within the next several weeks. 

The new has been launched and is your future destination for all things Guitar Wing. Currently, anyone who missed out on this campaign will be able to pre-order through the Livid Shop. The first production run is expected to be delivered in April 2014.

Guitar Wing Website

If you’ve missed any of the Guitar Wing videos, you may want to check out the Livid TV YouTube channel:

Here are a few highlights:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


Livid Controller Series: Guitar Wing

February 14, 2014

Guitar Wing is an expressive control surface for guitar and bass players, letting you control the functions of software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, even lighting and visual platforms, right from your instrument.

Our very own product specialist KC started to explore using the Guitar Wing as a controller in Live 9. In his first tutorial he shows you three simple things you can do with Guitar Wing. Watch him in the studio as he creates some infectious dub reggae tracks and explains his approach to using Guitar Wing.

YouTube Preview Image

In this second controller series video, KC explores more uses for Guitar Wing with bass and guitar in different DAWs  and VSTs. Watch and listen as he walks you through triggering loops, using stomp box effects, and setting up your working environment in different DAWs.

YouTube Preview Image

Go to for more information.



Introducing: The Guitar Wing

February 3, 2014

wood-edition1214 years ago I created my first real MIDI controller the Viditar. I spent the next five years playing that instrument in my band Sinch and refining my controller designs. In 2003 I started Livid with the goal to take my work with the Viditar and define the controller as an instrument in the market. Many of our first instruments were based on a MIDI controller in a guitar, but the music market wasn’t quite right for this kind of technology. 10 years later we have iPad apps for every kind of musician, Guitar Rig, Ableton Live, and electronic music has made it into almost every genre of music. Using new instruments for creating music has been the driving force behind the electronic music renaissance, but new concepts for the guitar have been few and far between.

Enter 2013. We were working on a new wireless MIDI controller when Jay Smith and Moldover were talking about their history of working together and collaborating on a new product, and the Guitar Wing was born.

YouTube Preview Image

The Guitar Wing  is an expressive control surface that gives guitar and bass players wireless control over the functions of their favorite software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, and even lighting and visual platforms.


“I am extremely excited about the Livid Guitar Wing. Guitarists have been, until now, highly marginalized, when it comes to MIDI controllers and tools that are otherwise widely available to keyboardists, drummers and singers. What an amazing solution!” -Shaunna Hall (Guitarist – George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic  / 4 Non Blondes)

While this concept has been in our minds and our work for the past decade, it’s totally new for the guitar market in general, so we decided to launch it on Kickstarter in order to reach as many people as possible. The response from the music community has been incredible and we can’t wait to see what people do with it.

To learn more about the Guitar Wing and our Kickstarter campaign,


Just Announced: DS1 MIDI Mixer from Dubspot & Livid

January 23, 2014

DS1 100x100The DS1 MIDI Mixer is the result of a creative collaboration between Livid Instruments and Dubspot. Their partnership was forged from a shared desire to bring classic audio mixer design to the digital world. Constructed with only the highest-quality parts and materials, the DS1 is designed as a portable solution for computer-based mixing, producing and performing.

For more information visit

Learn more about the DS1 from this article on Create Digital Music.

ds1_side-640x377 ds1_top-640x299

Technical Specifications:

9 high-quality, 60mm faders
44 rotary knobs with single-color backlighting
1 push encoder
25 RGB buttons
Class-compliant MIDI USB
Expression pedal input (compatible with the Livid Master Fader)
Ultra light and heavy-duty aluminum construction
Dimensions 12”W  x 12.25”L x 1.06”H


“MAKE:” Article Focuses on Livid Builder DIY

January 8, 2014

pcbMaker Shed, a popular web shop and resource for DIY projects, recently posted an article on, which briefly discusses the role of MIDI controllers in creating electronic music and identifies some of the DIY options that are available for building these devices. Their article, entitled “Can’t find the Right Music Controller? Don’t get Mad, get Livid!“, highlights the Brain Jr. Kits from Livid’s Builder line.

There are many benefits to using the Brain Jr. or Brain V2 but it’s the simplicity of using these that is their greatest asset. You can experiment endlessly with new control layouts and quickly test your design without ever needing to type a line of code or have a technical knowledge of electronics. It’s nearly as simple as plugging-in and playing, which ultimately let’s you get get back to creating music faster.

Makershed Blog copy

If you’re interested in putting together a MIDI project of your own, we encourage you to explore our Builder DIY line. To learn about some past examples of user projects click here.